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Ingamefair Reviews: See What Our Customers Say

I have ordered wow gold from this site over one year ,really good service i enjoy it.------by Donald


Today i ordered 50000G got in 10 mins really so fast ,i will order again------by Jerome


Good price wow gold! I will recommend the site to my guys! ------by Robert


Great seller, respond to emails immediately, would buy from again.------by Edwina


The Most reliable and honest Power Leveling sellers, my character is 85 now ,thanks    ------by Karrie 

Anti Ingame Fraud: We are on Your Side

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For all of our client, current ones or potential ones, we kindly remind you that there are 3 thing we would NEVER do: 

1. Ask for the gold back-- be aware of those ID looks similar to our delivery toon. They might whisper you ingame after the successful transaction and ask for the gold back by varies excuses -- please pay NO attention to them, they are cheating on you. We NEVER ask for the gold back, under any circumstance.

2. Ingame Spam--We Guarantee your Order Information Privacy. Nothing than ingame spam will bother you more. So we will never do that in any form-- whispers or through WoW mail system.You will only be contacted when we are going to make the face-to-face transfer of your order.

3. Ask for your password--for gold delivery;Those who ask for your password is thief. Please DO NOT give your personal account information to ANYONE.

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